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Re: [IP] Insurance Question

At 08:07 AM 5/6/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >Hi all
 >  Just wondering over all how this works? I have someone working on getting
 >pump approval for me.   I see some of you it has taken quite a long time -
 >months.  How quickly has it gone through for others weeks?   In my case our
 >insurance co. is in Ohio, but I live in Penn. so Insurance co. is Anthem, 
 >Penn. is Blue Shield.  The person working on this for me is at our Dm center
 >here in town and seems pretty confident this will go through.  Just 
 >how this has gone for most of you, or  do any of you have either of these
 >ins. co.s  ?

Every insurance situation is different, but when I started pumping my 
MiniMed rep took care of the whole process. He knew exactly what the 
doctor's letter had to say for my insurance company and what "buttons" 
needed to be pushed to get things through. All I had to do is sign a couple 
of papers and it was done. No pain, no strain.

I would imagine that any good pump rep (from either company) would be 
willing to work with you on this... it's their job to know the different 
companies and the doctors. Of course, each insurance company is different 
and some may not agree without a lot of appeals to higher levels... but let 
the pump rep help you get through the maze and frustration. Sometimes the 
choice of which pump to get may hinge on which rep is the most 
knowledgeable and aggressive in getting your approvals through the system.


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