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Re: [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!


There's another issue not mentioned:  not storing insulin in cartridges
leads to leaving the insulin with a large quantity of air in the vial which
it is claimed degrades it.  That was what the first writer was complaining
of, and why I suggested filling three cartridges at once, emptying the

Also, what of my question, Why does MM use only plastic cartridges while D
uses both?  And, can MMs cartridges be capped and stored over time, filled
with insulin?

Date: Thu, 6 May 1999 08:25:40 -0400
From: email @ redacted
Subject: Re: [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

Richard, this study is fairly conclusive in saying that there is no harm to
insulin by the plastic.  2 days at almost 99 degrees F is a pretty tough
condition for insulin, and they could find ANY significant degradation with
sophisticate analyses.   I would think your chances of winning the big
lottery are greater than anyone being able to detect a difference in
insulin potency between storage in glass or quality plastic.   Medical labs
store all sorts of proteins in plastic for much longer time, and while
there may be in some volatile phthalate esters is some cheaply made
plastics, the industry control on medical plastics is fairly rigorous.
Michael is absolutely correct in his comments on this issue as well.   I
for one, have now used over 50 syringes (plastic) each filled for 10 days,
and have never observed any loss of potency on the last days.  If someone
feels that insulin is less potent after just 2 days in the plastic syringe,
I'm sure this is a problem with the site absorption, and not the plastic.
Why are people so afraid of plastic?    Glass has silica in it, ya know?
When was the last time anyone got a glass bottle of pills from their
pharmacy? OR glass milk, or soda?    Viva plastic !!!

Anecdotally, at least one MM pumper has outlined his regimen as using
cartridges only half (or 48 hours or so) full.  Do they do it because of the
results of the aforementioned study or because they have experienced the
degradation firsthand?
Presumably the conductors of the study would have used plastic in both
brands of pumps, so to reduce the number of variables.
As a Disetronic pumper who has also used plastic, I would recommend using
Would anyone know why MM uses only plastic?

<<<<<<<<<<You may have personal ancedotal experience with some kind of
with insulin deterioration, but you comments stated as "fact" only
confuse people about things which most probably are not true based on
the studies and evidence at hand..
We must be careful on the mail list not to use personal ancedotal
experience as a statement of fact without careful "qualification". We
are all aware of problems with apparent "site deterioration",
"insulin impotency", and so on... but the reasons for these things
are not well understood, even by scientests. We must endeavor to make
sure others are not detered from using a safe effective insulin in
commonly available syringes and infusion sets because of

* Wayne *

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