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Re: [IP] Insurance Question

Hi all 
  Just wondering over all how this works? I have someone working on getting 
pump approval for me.   I see some of you it has taken quite a long time - 
months.  How quickly has it gone through for others weeks?   In my case our 
insurance co. is in Ohio, but I live in Penn. so Insurance co. is Anthem, but 
Penn. is Blue Shield.  The person working on this for me is at our Dm center 
here in town and seems pretty confident this will go through.  Just wondering 
how this has gone for most of you, or  do any of you have either of these 
ins. co.s  ?     
One more thing!  While visiting and actually getting to hold a pump in my 
hand I asked the lady from the Dm care center about the draw backs having a 
pump, she said " well I have to be honest with you ( holding my breath for 
the bad news ) out of 300 - 400 people I know of only one has gone off the 
pump (??whatever reasons ) and guess what that person decided to go back on"  
    Wow guess that says alot!               Thanks !        Rosie  Dm 8 
years.  & a want a be pump wearer!                                            
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