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Re: [IP] teaching

This is my first year teaching.  I am a high school French and English 
teacher.  I have spent the first 3/4 of the year as the old me-without pump 
and I am finishing up our final quarter as a pumper.  
It has been a terrific, rewarding year and my diabetes has not proved to be 
of any detriment at all.  Maybe I am blessed with the most wonderful 
administration, but we are allotted a certainnumber of personal and sick days 
and we use them as we see fit, provided we have a substitute teacher.  No one 
asks any questions or passes any judgment.  In fact, everyone is supportive.  
The students are very interested to hear about the trials and tribulations of 
a diabetic.  I even teach some diabetics and hopefully am providing them with 
a positive role model.  When I first got pumped, I was a guest speaker for 
our anatomy class, who had just finished a unit on endocrinology.  
Some days, with high blood sugar, saying I feel drained is an understatement, 
but somehow you muddle through it.  We all have our good days as well as our 
bad.  Of course those nasty highs were pre-pump....
A little biographical info, I am 26 years and 10 months old.  I've had DM for 
25 years and 9 months.  A VERY LONG TIME.     I have suffered no lasting 
complications, other than being irritated and frustrated and annoyed with 
this pain in the ^^*& disease!  
Don't let your diabetes define or limit who you are.  It is one aspect of a 
very complex you.  As my fiance says, it has helped create the person I am 
today and he wouldn't want me any other way!!  Go for those dreams, girl!!! 
You can do it.  
Now teaching....that's a whole different ballgame on its own! haha!
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