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Re: [IP] On the Pump!


It took me 4 primaries (Dr) and 4 l/1 years later to convince them I needed 
to see an endo.  I'm sure I am NOT unique!!!  I was on glyburide for 4 l/2 
years, and bg's bouncing all over the place.  6 months ago was my first visit 
to the endo, and wham, on the first visit she prescribed insulin (no kidding, 
duh!!)  We are still adjusting the insulin, and to tell you the truth, I'm 
still tired.  Not as tired, but not yet myself.  That is why I'm convinced 
the pump may be a better choice, she is standing behind me 100%.  Will it be 
better at giving me my energy back???  Thoughts?

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