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Re: [IP] On the Pump!

email @ redacted wrote:
> Happy pumping and many years of energy and sleeping.

Getting your insulin right makes a MAJOR difference!! I'm remembering
how life was in the months before diagnosis, and when I was on diet and
exercise, and orals (which didn't work) -- ALL I did was work and sleep
- -- and I wasn't very effective at work, either.  I was SOOOOOO tired,
and didn't have a clue why!

Going on insulin gave me my life back, and having the pump is even
better -- I didn't think I was gonna see particularly better BGs because
even on shots, I had good control, but in fact, they ARE better! 

In another month, I'm gonna do my first post-pump A1c -- I'm SURE it
will be lower than the last one. 

Then, I'm going camping in July, and to Europe -- Germany, Poland and
Rumania -- gonna be fun doing it with the pump, even though I'm not sure
exactly how I'm gonna do it!


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