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Re:[IP] New Insurance Questions

> Cigna is who my dad has insurance with.  I guess it is safe to say that they 
>would use the same company?  Do your infusion sets also came from the same 
>place as the insulin and strips or do they come from someone else? The 
>representative had no idea.

That depends on where you live.  I had Cigna when I lived in New Jersey
and they
used a different mail supply place, then Cigna in North Carolina.  It
also depends
on where you get your insurance.   Often it isn't Cigna who is sending
you the
supplies, it is a medical supply warehouse who is contracted through

After two years of using a supply company, Cigna decided to contract out
to a 
different company.  When the supplies started to come from the new
company they
didn't come with the cold gel pack.(The previous company had used
them).  My dad
called to complain and the supply company claimed that they weren't
required to
and that it would be dangerous to put one in with the insulin since it
needed to
be kept at a specific temperature. After a long scolding from my dad, we
assured that it would be looked into.  The next order we got from them
had a 
cold gel pack in it and a bill for it itemized on the medication list. 
agreed to cover it.

- - Just my two cents
- -- 
Thanks.  Sherry
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