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Re: [IP] alarms and sleepless nights

Hi Julie,

I've used a loaner pump twice, and it's no problem at all.  They send it
to you the next day, then you send yours back in the box they provide -
quite easy.  Actually I think the second time I just kept the loaner one,
and they never even sent me my old one back (must have really screwed it
up that time I dropped it before going into the shower ...). So you'll be
fine =) (but isn't it annoying when those alarms start going off and
nothing seems to work right?? argh!)

Also, for the people using Cigna, that's what I'm on too, well through my
dad. I'm not sure how the whole thing works except I know the infusion
sets and stuff come from MerckMedco and not direct from Minimed.  It's a
great deal though, to get all that stuff for twelve dollars! I've never
had a problem with the insulin going bad.  

Have a good day all.

- -Laura

At 11:16 PM 5/5/99 -0400, you wrote: 


<excerpt><fontfamily><param>Book Antiqua</param><smaller>i've been having
a ton of problems with my pump since yesterday.  bg's gradually got
higher and by the time i came home at midnight or so i was almost 500
with moderate ketones.  i had been getting an a-25 alarm, but the book
said to do a self test, and that came out ok.  i changed the site
yesterday afternoon, so that wasn't the problem.  i later started getting
an a-35 alarm, which means the pump is detecting resistance.  i took
shots all night and checked bg's every 2 hours and drank fluids and
checked ketones...needless to say mom and i got no sleep.  


<fontfamily><param>Book Antiqua</param><smaller>just a word to the
mothers out there- i know you all must put up with a lot and i am in
total awe of you...i don't know what i would have done without mom last


<fontfamily><param>Book Antiqua</param><smaller>anyway, by afternoon
today the ketones were gone and bg's normal, and i felt much much better.
 i talked to the minimed people, and after changing the set again and
doing self tests and whatnot, we decided to send the pump in.  they're
going to send me a loaner tomorrow morning.  


<fontfamily><param>Book Antiqua</param><smaller>i'm wondering if this
sort of thing happens a lot or if it's a freak thing?  how could i have
better prevented this?  has anyone ever had to use a loaner so theirs
could get fixed?  i'm a little doubtful about using a loaner pump, but i
guess i have no choice.  also, what happens if they can't fix it, or they
can't find anything wrong with it?  


<fontfamily><param>Book Antiqua</param><smaller>thanks for listening and
any input.


<fontfamily><param>Book Antiqua</param><smaller>julie



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