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[IP] On the Pump!

Well, it is now my third day on the pump, (MiniMed 507c) and man, what a
difference.  I had
been running so high, that I had forgotten how "good" normal (what is
normal?) BG feels!  I was running in the 200's with at least a hypo a day,
and now, after being connected, I haven't been above 156 yet!  My Endo is
shooting for between 70 and 140, and only twice have I gone higher than
that.  I have more energy, and I sleep so much better too!  I have had a
couple of lows, but the fine tuning phase is going on now.  Many thanks to
all who post on this list, I have learned so much.  I got the Pumping
Insulin book, and read and re-read all the MiniMed info, watched all the
videos,  played with the pump before starting, and both my Endo and Pump
Nurse both asked me if I would like to volunteer at the hospital to train
new candidates for the pump!  Hehe...  I was the star pupil of my class!
Thanks again, and as for the comments previously about how to hide the pump,
I'm gonna show it to everyone!  Be Proud, Be Bumpy!!!

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