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[IP] Yeah, I Won the insurance battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi everyone'

I CAN'T BELIEVE IT'S REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!   YEAH, YEAH ,  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    
OOPS,  Sorry for all the  yelling !  :-))      Tongiht when I came home, 
there was a letter from my HMO.
It took me five minutes to actually open it , because I was dreading  reading 
that my appeal was denied.  Imaginge my surpise and elation when I realized 
I'd won my appeal for an insulin pump!!!!!!!  They are covering the pump and 
suplies at 100% !!
They said they usually don't  approve pumps for type 2's but because the 
information I supplied and my M.D.'s support  (plus the fact that I meet the 
criteria set 100%) they approved me as a benefit by exception .  I don't care 
how the did it , just that it was approved.  I have been fighting with them 
since january and still can't believe  I've been approved.    I have to say 
everyone who has shared information, provided support and in general are just 
a great group of people have really educated me and empowered me in my fight. 
 If I hadn't joined this great group of people, I don't think I would have 
fought as hard!!!  THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!!!!!!!!
p.s Michael , thanks for your analogies and  legal  point of view, it helped!
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