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Re: [IP] teaching

Julie Britt wrote:
> well, i would like to be a secondary english or history teacher, and i am
> just wondering how diabetes affects your job, if at all... my mom keeps
> telling me not to become a teacher(she teaches second grade), and says that
> it's hard to take sick days,  health insurance is bad, don't get paid
> enough, too much stress, etc etc etc...

No reason you can't be a teacher. You do have to discuss with your
administration and your kids what to do if you go hypo -- and what your
food/timing needs are. This is much less of an issue on the pump than it
was on shots -- my administration always let me have 3rd period prep so
I could eat a snack, but hey, I don't need that snack anymore!  :) :) :)

As far as sick leave, my district lets me have it whenever I need it --
I make sure to have usable lesson plans at all times. My health
insurance is good -- they paid for the pump, and are paying for the
supplies, ya know!! 

As far as getting paid enough -- it's not what you're worth, but it's at
least a living wage -- you have to be frugal, but you can do it, unless
you're used to a luxury lifestyle. As a former welfare mom, I learned to
make do with very little, so to me, my teaching salary is more than

The stress is undoubtedly there -- you get the whole gamut of kids, not
just the well-mannered ones from lovely homes with caring, competent
parents. You really have to care about kids. Even the unattractive and
poorly-behaved ones.

Do know that there are LOTS of diabetics in the classroom -- you might
even be a good role model for some kid sometime who needs to see that
you can have diabetes and function perfectly well!

Go for it!!  
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