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[IP] Re: careless comments from docs

> he said the eyes and
> kidney damage go hand in hand)
> These kind of comments from doctors seem careless to me. Are these comments based
> on legitimate research? What are the odds?  Andrea -- Infuriated by doctors once again :)

I absolutely agree.  I think, unfortunately, many doctors make them without thinking.  Even if it's based
in research and statistics, how does a comment like that one improve the quality of the patient's life?
It's clearly not said to instill any better control.  Too often, I have found that doctors 1) assume that
the patient is not as educated as he or she about diabetes and 2) underestimate the effects that comments
like that have on the patient.

I also find that, once you make it clear to the physician that you are both educated and in charge of your
own treatment, his or her tune changes pretty quickly.  I do not hesitate to say things like (to the
opthalmologist who casually mentions that there is "no diabetes in the eye" this year), "Do you have any
idea how stressful it is for diabetic patients to come to you every year (or more often) to find out if
they've started to go blind?"  I don't think most doctors think along those lines, and I think increasing
their awareness makes things better for all their diabetic patients, especially those who don't yet realize
that they are (or should be) in charge of their health.


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