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Re: [IP] New Insurance Questions

At 04:46 PM 5/5/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 > Cigna is who my dad has insurance with.  I guess it is safe to say that 
 >would use the same company?  Do your infusion sets also came from the same
 >place as the insulin and strips or do they come from someone else? The
 >representative had no idea.

TelDrug works pretty easily... each prescription has a number. When you 
want to re-order, you just call a 1-800 number and punch in the numbers and 
your supplies are ordered automagically. Of course, if you want to order 
while talking to a live body, you can do it that way too. In both cases, be 
sure to have a credit card handy for the co-pay.

TelDrug wouldn't touch the MiniMed stuff... so, I just call MiniMed, and 
they take care of the insurance and ship me the stuff. MiniMed had a bit of 
a problem with getting supplies out on time last year, but when I used them 
in February, I had absolutely no problems at all.


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