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Re: [IP] pump stuff

Hi! Thanks for writing.  
<  I have Blue Cross through the federal plan too.  Its very good.  

Yes, it is. I've been very pleased with them.  I have been using the mail 
order option for my insulin and strips.  Getting so much for $12  is an 
awesome thing.  I was a diabetic for 6 years without insurance.

< You have to buy the infusion sets/resevoirs/batteries/filling needles 
through an approved retail pharmacy.  In our case its probably one of these 
"Diabetic warehouse" outfits but you need to make sure its an approved one.  
This will probablybe the same outfit that you bought the pump through so you 
already met your "durable goods" deductable for your pump so all this stuff 
B/C picks up at
 95%.   You don't need a new Rx each time from your doctor.  Just call up
 this pharmacy and they'll send you infusion sets every month. 

I just called disetronic today and asked how i went about getting supplies.  
So, like you said, I didn't need prescription. I just told him what I needed 
and he said they'll bill insurance first and bill me the 5% later.  

<< As for infusion sets, if you use tenders, ask for the Pureline Comforts,  

This is something I didn't know.  I will ask for them next time.  thanks.

Sorry about the italics and the font.  I don't know what's going on!!

Thanks for the info.  It's much appreciated.
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