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Re: [IP] syringe problems

Tara Dufour wrote:

> Here's my problem: I fill my syringe, push all the bubbles through the
> tubing, let go of the plunger and for some reason the insulin goes up the
> tube quit a bit before it stops, maybe 2 inches.  I prime it and it takes
> probably close to 6 units before I start seeing a drop form at the tip of
> the needle (I'm using Silhouette's). Is it supposed to do that or does that
> mean the syringe plunger is getting old and needs to be changed.  I
> currently use the syringes for 1 week (2 site changes) and then use a new
> one.

OK, I always push the plunger till the insulin comes out of the quick connector
before putting the syringe in the pump. After that I only need to prime it with
2.0 units
(occasionally a bit more) to get the drive screw lash taken care of and get a
drop out of
rhe needle. Thing is if you only fill the hose 2 inches or so without filling
it all the way
it takes most of the 21 units needed to fill the hose to get there from here,
at least with 43"
long Silhouettes..

> Also can anyone suggest what to do about bubbles. I've had a few
> suggestions but maybe if someone could let me know what order they do
> things in it may help.  It just seems to take forever to get all of them
> out and then the next day there's a bunch more.

OK,, as has already been said, put in an equal amount of air from the top, then

invert and overfill. If there is more than a single bubble remaining pull it
out of the
vial and roll the syringe around on it's side to get them merged into a single
large bubble.
Then stand the syringe more or less straight up and push the plunger while
as needed to get the bubble going up the throat without leaving separated
in the corners. If any DO stay there tilt so they are below the throat and hit
it with
something hard, such as a pen, to get them up the throat.

Then connect, fill the hose till it comes out the connector, put it in the pump
do a Prime (or bolus, depending on model) of 2.0 units or so to get the insulin

flowing out o the connector. Then clip it into the base that you should have
planted, Prime what you find approriate (I've seen 0.5 to 2.0 from various
decide your own) and your all set.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted
MM506 for 5 years, 507C for 5 months

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