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[IP] Re: Going Live

Don't be so fast to put down a CDE who has to schedule a pump start-up
in what seems like another lifetime.  When I started pumping (3/98), my
pump partner and I had our CDE's undivided attention from 9:00 a.m. -
5:00 p.m. for an entire week.  We didn't do the inpatient routine but
went to the office everyday.  In that time, I changed my sets 5 times,
experienced a couple of hypos, a no delivery alarm, even my batteries
went dead!  I came out of that office at the end of the week, so
confident that I could handle any pump situation, but always knowing I
could call my CDE or endo at any times (They even hand out their home
phone numbers!)
So my CDE schedules one week to start up 2 new pump patients, and the
next week she sees all of her regular patients.
BTW, my endo has one of the best track records in the country for
successful pumpers.  I attribute this to the intensive, extensive
training provided/demanded of his office.  He also lobbied  the CT
legislature without mercy until they passed a law mandating that
insurance co. must pay for all supplies (without co-pay) to treat type 1
diabetes (I'm not sure about type 2).
Thanks, Dr. Ed!
Vicki McDonald
New Haven, CT

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