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Re: [IP] Up and PUMPING!!!! :-)

When I was diagnosed in '71, our endo gave a series of lectures for parents
of new diabetics, one of them was called "Protecting Yourself from the
General Practitioner"


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>Subject: Re: [IP] Up and PUMPING!!!!  :-)
>Date: Wed, May 5, 1999, 2:56 PM

> Hey that's great "pump-coach" what a great name. When I was growing up my Mom
> was the DR. Watchdog trying to defend me from stupid DR. She taught me well
> at 31 I do a pretty good job of keeping my Dr. in line. When he is bad Now
> I've an Endo who plays watchdog I could not get a referral out of the DR was
> I called Endo and the next day my Dr. called himself to tell me when my
> referral app. is. Mothers of diabetes have such a job my Mom still cries and
> worries about me I think she got the worst end of this deal.AMY G.
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