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[IP] syringe problems

Here's my problem: I fill my syringe, push all the bubbles through the
tubing, let go of the plunger and for some reason the insulin goes up the
tube quit a bit before it stops, maybe 2 inches.  I prime it and it takes
probably close to 6 units before I start seeing a drop form at the tip of
the needle (I'm using Silhouette's). Is it supposed to do that or does that
mean the syringe plunger is getting old and needs to be changed.  I
currently use the syringes for 1 week (2 site changes) and then use a new

Also can anyone suggest what to do about bubbles. I've had a few
suggestions but maybe if someone could let me know what order they do
things in it may help.  It just seems to take forever to get all of them
out and then the next day there's a bunch more.

Pumping since 04/09/99
IDDM 15 years, pregnant, due date Sept. 23/99

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