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Re: [IP] Scope of Disability Law Questioned

On 29 Apr 99 at 18:02, email @ redacted wrote:

> I have been diabetic for almost all of my life (since age 10, I am now 42).  I
> don't remember life before diabetes.  To me, it is a way of life.  I didn't
> have to alter a career because I chose one that fit my diabetes knowing my
> limitations.  I didn't have to alter my diet as it was the only way of eating
> I knew.  I don't know what it is like to merely pick up and go somewhere, as I
> have never done this without preparation.  This list goes on and on.  For me,
> diabetes has not been life altering as I have known no other life.
> Maybe this makes a difference about how we look at things.  Maybe it is just
> attitude.
> This is not to be confused with the question "Is diabetes easy?".  My answer
> to that a definite NO, it isn't.

One aspect that hasn't been discussed is how the age at diagnosis affects us.  
I was almost 24 years old when diagnosed - and that hit pretty hard once I 
realized that the insurance angle was going to be a major factor affecting 
my career choices...  Some on the list grew up with diabetes and never had the 
option of learning all those bad habits while some of us were adults just 
getting rolling on the career when we got creamed.  

Life altering is a good term - and when we look at it that way some people have 
had more of an "altered experience" as the result of diabtes than others...  
it's another example of YMWV...

Randall P. Winchester
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