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[IP] New Insurance Questions


we get my son's supplies this way, they pack it with
ice packs and we receive it fed-ex.  Haven't had any
problems with it in the past 3 years.  The only thing
is to make sure your dr. writes no substitutions on
rx,they have tried substituting syringes, lancets,
etc... without even calling to ask if that is ok. 
Also, call and talk with the pharmicist after they
receive your rx to make sure everything is the way you
eexpect it to be. I also call often after placing the
order to make sure it will be here when i expect it,
to cut off any delays.  Also, make sure they write the
rx for as many tests or shots as you could possibly
take in a day.  If you usually test 4X but could test
up to 12X make sure rx includes that.

mother of Alex (9 3/4) dx'd @ 5
soon to be pumping

Leann Pruitt
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