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Re: Re; [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

There is specific scientific information that refutes the assertion 
that Humalog degrades in plastic. Humalog is perfectly stable in 
plastic syringes and tubing. See:


or the first link under HUMALOG on the LINKS page of the 
insulin-pumpers web site.


> At 09:07 PM 5/4/1999  Richard Aleksander wrote:
>  >Humalog degrades in air and in plastic.  MiniMed pumpers, using
>  only plastic >cartridges,  have these problems more than Disetronic
>  pumpers.  Disetronic >pumpers who use only glass cartridges will
>  avoid potency problems by filling >all 3 glass cartridges at the
>  same time, from the new bottle of Humalog.
> I do not recall reading any scientific research that verifies this
> claim. Can you please enlighten us as to your sources? Especially
> after only about 3 days in the reservoir... how much change in
> potency would realistically take place?

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