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[IP] day 2

Just an update .

Kevin is doing well on the pump. We are out of the hospital and I'm trying to 
relax. I am not usually so "anal" about stuff...but I worry about him.  Being 
an RN, I feel I have an advantage - but this is a bit foreign. It was funny 
seeing the residents learn about pumping  at the nurses station and then come 
in our room like they KNEW exactly what they were doing!  There was a 15 year 
old girl we trained with in the hospital next room over with a Minimed, and 
Kevin had a Disetronic. They were in awe!  LOL

Anyway, we have the night schedule down good so far. I am amazed at the 
numbers thru the night. We checked him at 10, 12, 2, 4, 6 and the middle 3 
were ALL 133! I just LOVE THAT!!!! We are working out his carb ratios right 
now. They have lowered him from a 15:1 to a 12:1. We will see how that goes. 
Mostly because his daytimes are high after meals....

He had a bit of a rough afternoon. We had to "prove" we could change the site 
before we left. Poor Kevin was perfectly happy with the site we had. So, we 
changed it after much ado. It hurt big time going in and then continued to 
hurt for an hour later....so we changed it. The girl next door had a soft set 
that she let us try one of also. He wanted that....so that is what he is 
wearing now and we used EMLA.  AFter all that, I worry we will have to change 
it again soon. (I keep smelling the insulin...just sure it is leaking!  I 
know, that makes me anal!!!)   But, we are good for now.

Thanks for listening.

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