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Re: [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

You might try just leaving the bottle at room temperature, and not keeping
it refrigerated.   Many refrigerators have very uneven temperature
distribution.   There are often locations that are below 32 degrees, and if
the insulin is nearby, there might be some infrequent freezing and
rethawing that you are not aware of.   This would surely decrease the
potency of the insulin.  You could check the spot with a thermometer, but
you would need to keep a continuous monitor over 24 h--not easy to do.
Usually the upper shelves in fridge door are a bit warmer, so this is the
safest place to keep insulin, but the easiest thing to do for the in use
bottle is to keep it at room temp.  Over 1 month at less than 80 degrees,
there would be negligible loss of potency.   You'll also have fewer
problems with bubbles when you fill.

* Wayne *

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