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[IP] Up and PUMPING!!!! :-)

Hi Everyone!

		Well, the day I thought would never come is FINALLY here!  
Steven started pumping insulin this morning!!  We finished our week of Saline 
with flying colors and now we're UP AND PUMPING!!

		Now's my time to thank everyone for their encouragement and 
support throughout our insurance fight.  Joining this list has been the best 
thing we have done to give us the support and motivation to keep fighting!  
When I heard the first NO from the insurance back in January, I thought that 
was IT.....Never dreaming that we would be sitting here 4 months later all 
hooked up!  Steven is THRILLED!!  Yesterday was a particularly hard day on 
him because we had to stop his Ultralente Monday night....We eeked him along 
on Regular and Humalog all day yesterday and throughout the night.  This 
morning he had high ketones but his BG was only 132.  I gave him a good 
amount of humalog (for the ketones) and some orange juice to keep the BG's up 
and he ended up being 89 and we got rid of the ketones by the time we had to 
leave......WHEW!!  When we left, Stevie just looked up at me and said, "That 
was my last shot, right?".....I was so happy for him!  I'm sure we'll still 
have our rocky times, but I know our constant rollercoaster ride accompanied 
by ketones will be over once we get set on his proper basals, etc.  It's like 
a whole new world just opened up for him and I couldn' t be happier.

Thanks again, you are all very special people and I'm happy to be part of 
this list!  :-)

Kelly & Stevie
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