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Re: [IP] Upgrade from 506

In a message dated 05/05/1999 6:34:41 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< my reasons for the upgrade(besides expired warranty) are kind
 of petty. i want the back light & a darker color pump to try to blend with
 my appearance a little better, >> 


Have you ever considered getting a pump case?  I don't ever wear my pump 
without one.  I have black, navy, maroon and white so the pump case always 
matches my outfit!  I think they are around $35 a piece, a whole lot cheaper 
than my coinsurance for a new pump. (Not to mention what the insurance 
company would shell out).

 << i recently talked with a minimed rep & she's the one who actually 
suggested the upgrade >>
My 504 went off warranty and needed repairs (several years ago).  Not only 
was Minimed wonderful about it by sending me a replacement, the insurance 
company didn't even question paying for the repairs.  If Minimed said they 
would no longer repair the old models this would be a different issue, but 
you shouldn't have to worry about just being off warranty.  The rep isn't 
going to tell you this because they want you to buy the newer model.

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