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Re: Re; [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

At 09:07 PM 5/4/1999  Richard Aleksander wrote:
 >Humalog degrades in air and in plastic.  MiniMed pumpers, using only plastic
 >cartridges,  have these problems more than Disetronic pumpers.  Disetronic
 >pumpers who use only glass cartridges will avoid potency problems by filling
 >all 3 glass cartridges at the same time, from the new bottle of Humalog.

I do not recall reading any scientific research that verifies this claim. 
Can you please enlighten us as to your sources? Especially after only about 
3 days in the reservoir... how much change in potency would realistically 
take place?

I, personally, (as have many on this list) have been using Humalog in 
plastic cartridges and have never noticed any degradation due to either air 
or plastic. The only possible degradation that I've seen written up has 
more to do with heat than anything else. If you keep the Humalog 
refrigerated until it's time to start using it, then it seems to work just 
fine. Let the Humalog get to room temperature before loading it, to prevent 
excess bubbles.


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