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Re: [IP] Normal??????

At 06:48 PM 5/4/1999  Natalie A. Sera wrote:
 >Normal people????  Nahhhhhh, couldn't be!!!! Not around HERE!!!!

I wouldn't know what normal was, if I stared it in the face.  It's no fun 
being normal anyway!!  :-)

 >Newest revelation: I got some Silhouette samples from MiniMed -- am
 >trying one at the moment, and it's coming up after not even 24 hours. :(
 >Does anyone else have sticking problems??

I haven't had any "fall-out" problem so far (knock on wood). This is what I do:
1. Swab with Hibiclens (kills nasty bugs).
2. Swab with IV-Prep (this may be overkill, but its a last clean-up and it 
adds some stickiness to the area).
3. Put on an IV-3000 (covers/protects area and is pretty sticky).
4. Poke the Silhouette right through the IV-3000. My Silhouettes stick 
really good on the IV-3000s... in fact I have to work at it to get the 
silly thing off when I change sets.

As with all things, YMMV. But since I started doing it this way I have not 
had an infection or had a case of "set fall-off". But then, maybe I'm just 
Mr. Lucky!

(who doesn't have any ducks in a row or even at oblique angles)

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