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Re; [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

Date: Tue, 4 May 1999 11:27:56 EDT
From: email @ redacted
Subject: [IP] Need Your Opinions...Please!

>I can get 3 cartridge changes out of a bottle of H, but I am finding
>that even though it is kept refrigerated and used within a couple of weeks,
>the third filling (bottom third of the bottle) never seems to work well and
>am always chasing highs after that 3rd change!  Lois

This is a HOW-TO that all pumpers should be aware of.

Humalog degrades in air and in plastic.  MiniMed pumpers, using only plastic
cartridges,  have these problems more than Disetronic pumpers.  Disetronic
pumpers who use only glass cartridges will avoid potency problems by filling
all 3 glass cartridges at the same time, from the new bottle of Humalog.

If I fill three glass cartridges from a new Hlog vial, eliminate most of the
air by tilting and tapping with a pen, cap them and refrigerate, the third
is as potent as the first.  Sometimes if I'm traveling I don't even
refrigerate, and the third or even the fourth is still potent.

Disetronic cartridges include a snap on cap.  Do MiniMed cartridges have
snap on tops?

If you are filling just one cartridge at a time, try it my way, and let us
know if you notice any difference.

email @ redacted

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