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[IP] Re:Going Live

Thanks Jeff, Wayne and Amy for your honesty.  

I received my pump today with all the supplies.  WHEW!!!!  Training will not happen on Sat. 
because my CDE thinks it's too far in advance.  She's saying June 7 now, but won't commit to the 
date because of staffing problems they are having.  I'm not going to fight it, I just don't have 
it in me right now.

I didn't sleep at all the other night thinking about all this.  I think I may just do this without 
them and find a new doctor.  It amazes me, we pay them to support us and they dictate the 
terms.....what's wrong with that picture?  

Doug, good luck with your pump!!  That's very exciting that you got the pump and training all in 
the same day!!   How do you rate?  Are you the favorite child?  :)

Bev W.

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