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[IP] pump stuff

Kathy:  I have Blue Cross through the federal plan too.  Its very good.  The
cheapest way to do this (believe me, I ran the numbers) is to buy
insulin/strips/lancets through the mail order Merck/Medco people.  They give
you a 3 month supply for $12 each prescription (regular option).  Have your
Doctor write the prescription for "3 month supply, test 7X daily" and they
will send you 650 strips and lancets for $12/each.  That's the most I ever
got them to send me but its pretty good.  Even if you test more than 7x they
allow you to renew at about 2.5 months so you can usually cover any
shortfall in strips.  You have to buy the infusion
sets/resevoirs/batteries/filling needles through an approved retail
pharmacy.  In our case its probably one of these "Diabetic warehouse"
outfits but you need to make sure its an approved one.  This will probably
be the same outfit that you bought the pump through so you already met your
"durable goods" deductable for your pump so all this stuff B/C picks up at
95%.   You don't need a new Rx each time from your doctor.  Just call up
this pharmacy and they'll send you infusion sets every month.  As for
infusion sets, if you use tenders, ask for the Pureline Comforts, its the
same thing and they're cheaper.

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