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Re: [IP] Criminals R us

Very well spelled out points. I have worked in grocery and retail stores and
it is not considered shoplifting (at least in Texas) until you step out of
the store, so (at least in Texas) there would be no excuse to steal. And
believe me, I have done that standing on grocery line not only for myself
but for my son. Try telling no to a five year old who has been standing on a
line almost 20 minutes.
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Date: Tuesday, May 04, 1999 1:32 PM
Subject: [IP] Criminals R us

>Someone told us about the three cases before the courts of using diabetes
>a defence:
>> the woman who shoplifted three candy bars because she said she
>> had diabetes and was hypoglycemic. On cross-examination, she changed
>> her story--said  she was hypoglycemic or something--and was found guilty.
>Well, there was one time when I was standing in a long line...a CASH ONLY,
>item only line behind 3 people paying with checks and 19 items each...oh
>wait i forgot milk...and I was crashing...I stood there and stood
>there...felt like an hour...finally, unwilling to give up my place in line
>for the items I desperately needed (see being low makes some things seem
>sooooo important....) so I reached over and got a candy bar off the
>rack...ripped it open and ate it...The little boy behind me whispered to
>mom...."that lady is stealing" - I just turned away...When I got to the
>register...I placed the empty candy wrapper on the counter...the girl kinda
>loked at me...and said, you are the second diabetic in my line today who
>done that...
>I thought, hmmmm coule the ADA have helped me have this slow inept person
>removed from her job?  Could it have assisted me in suing all those STUPID
>people in line who don't read when it says CASH ONLY or 7 item
>limit...naaahhhhh, but it maybe could have helped me NOT be arrested for
>shoplifting if I needed it!  My bs was 34 by the time I got to my car...and
>NO I did not drive...I sat there and licked the inside of the candy
>then got dex tabs out from under the seat...and waited til i was coherent
>the same guy also wrote:
>> I am waiting to see the person who commits murder claim that
>> diabetes caused temporary insanity, though I imagine it could happen.
>it has happened...unfortunately she was killed in the same accident in
>she killed two other people. Her name was Barb and she was a community
>theatre person in Florida...I was in a show with her one day...and she was
>dead the next.  They say she passed out in hypoglycemia, going 70 miles an
>hour and ran a light, plowing into another car....all three were killed
>immediately...I am sorry she died, she was a wonderful person, but had she
>lived, I would have wanted her locked away forever...just as I would for
>irresponsible drunk driver.
>> So is diabetes a disability? Not if you are charged with a crime.
>so is alcoholism a disability?  Isn't it considered a chronic illness as
>well; can't it be "controlled" like diabetes?  oops sorry - getting on
>another rankling topic here arent I
>Sara who checks her bg every time she drives!  but since she doesnt drive
>anymore...that really isnt saying much is it...tee hee
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