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[IP] Astroids

My retina specialist said that for being IDDM for 20 years that 
my eyes were the best he had seem in his 20 years experience (especially 
considering I now have the beginning of kidney damage as he said the eyes and 
kidney damage go hand in hand) -- has anyone else had 
excellent eye health and kidney damage at the same time?

These kind of comments from doctors seem careless to me. I am now 32 and
was diagnosed with retinopathy in my early 20s. It may be true eye and
kidney damage go hand and in hand, but some people only get one or the
other. Until recently, I didn't plan on being around this long (I know kind
of stupid...) because of these types of comments. Are these comments based
on legitimate research? What are the odds?

Andrea -- Infuriated by doctors once again :)

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