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[IP] Is diabetes a disability

The third case is about a man who wanted to be a mechanic for UPS.  UPS 
requires that he get his Department of Transportation (DOT) Certification to 
operate commercial motor vehicles.  DOT regulations prohit an Insulin 
dependant diabetic
from getting this certication.  He wasn't hired.  He claimed discrimination.  

Now to me this is discrimination.  I can see where this then makes diabetes a 
disability.  We are being denied a position because of an illness, which if 
controlled isn't a problem (so they say).  Yet they claim diabetes makes the 
person to disabled to be able to drive commercial vehicles.  It seems to me 
that if we are capable of taking care of ourselves and driving motor vehicles 
unprohibited then why couldn't this man obtain the position of an UPS driver. 
 Seems we are disabled by lawmakers and society.  Just my opinion.

dx 1982 at age 16
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