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[IP] Re: DUI of low bs

For those of you who think people don't become violent during low 
blood sugars................I have new for you!!  When I was on 
multiple injections I became very violent.  At that time I was in my 
early 40's.  My poor husband has been kicked, hit, cussed at and I 
don't know what else.  He would insist I needed something to eat or 
drink and try to give it to me.  I would slap him or kick him.  It 
was a regular brawl to get me to do it.  When I finally gave in it 
was only because I was so angry with him that I would do it to shut 
him up because I DIDN"T NEED IT!!!  I WOULD SHOW HIM!!  
I just praise God that I got an insulin pump and things are under 
control.  I could remember everything I did afterwards and I felt 
terrible about it but it didn't stop me the next time.  If you aren't 
one of those diabetics that get like that you better just thank God!

I'm one!   Connie
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