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> I just wanted to say that I have left work at 7 am to
> go home with a blood sugar of 78 at 6am. Figuring I
> would eat when I would get home.  I traveled approx 25
> miles, and when I pulled in the drive, I "felt" low.
> When I took my BS it was 19, I was still coherent and
> just felt what I normally would feel like when I was
> 60 ish.  This has scared me and I now make a habit of
> having something to eat before leaving work. 
> Especially with the talk of the diabetic who is
> introuble with the law.       Just my own experience.

As I recall, the FAA guidlines for a diabetic pilot are bg's between 
100 - 150 before flying, check every 30 minutes. The same for driving 
is probably not a bad idea.
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