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[IP] Astroids

Yesterday I visited my retina specialist because the last couple of weeks, I 
would had many little specs of white 'things" in my vision at one time and it 
alarmed me.  My retina specialist said that for being IDDM for 20 years that 
my eyes were the best he had seem in his 20 years experience (especially 
considering I now have the beginning of kidney damage as he said the eyes and 
kidney damage go hand in hand) -- he said that only a small % of the 
population gets "asteroids" and they are not related, in way to diabetes.  
Has anyone else been diagnosed with "asteriods" and has anyone else had 
excellent eye health and kidney damage at the same time?

P.S.  While I was waiting to see him, I spoke with a women who had driven 
over 2.5 hours from a small town to see him as well.  She has been insulin 
dependent diabetic for 16 years and is blind in one eye due to hemorraging 
and her other eye is not very good off.  I told her I was getting ready to go 
on the insulin pump and she asked me, "what is an insulin pump?"  I was 
shocked that she didn't know what it was and it made me realize there 
diabetics out there, for whatever reason, who have not heard of the pump.  I 
think we need to be thankful for  the education that not all diabetics have 

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