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[IP] need some butt kickin?

Eleanor Barry wrote:

> I am a diabetic.... using insulin.... I have...uncontrollable diabetes 
> because I have trouble keeping my diet plan. I am a nervous type 
> person who eats or should I say overeats--I have done that all 
> my life. Now I feel scared that I have damaged my body and I will 
> die a young death. Does anyone have words of encouragement for 
> me or am I a hopeless case--as my Dr. thinks I am. I don't look for 
> pity, because I know what I have done to myself is no ones' fault 
> but my own. Thank you---ELLIE

FIRST of all...you are not a hopeless case!!!  We welcome you  to the 
group...you will find lots of support and encouragement and things to try 
here, but what it sounds like what you need right now, and what you are 
asking for, is a good butt kicking!!!  

did yesterday and last year...pick yourself up off the floor, fire that butt 
head of a doctor, if that is what he insists on calling himself and find one 
who will HELP you
to LIVE instead of lead you to die!!!  It is NOT too late to make the rest of 
your life, (however long or short that is), A GREAT experience!  

You say your diabetes in uncontrollable...no - it is not the diabetes.  You 
have to stop giving "it" the power.  YOU take the control.  YOU take the 
responsibility and you COMMAND your body to behave.  Go to overeater's 
anonymous, or get medical
help - and it is available.  It is impossible to control the diabetes without 
controlling your food - they are linked, but are truly separate issues.

You NEED to get off that 70/30 insulin, in my NON PROFESSIONAL opinion.  That 
is what is screwing you up - you can't control what is happening in you...you 
go low...you panic...you eat...you go high - a never ending circle that is 
exacerbated (SPELLING???) by the overeating.  You ought to ask, or TELL, your 
doctor you want more control with Regular mixed with NPH or Lente...and you 
MUST test your blood OFTEN - not just 4 times a day...but OFTEN!!   

Ellie, don't be scared that you have done too much damage ever to 
recover...You already took the firs step by finding out about this group and 
the pump!  Now get out there and find a pro-life doctor, and make the CHOICE 
to live a real life!!!

We will help if we can, and I for one, will kick your butt whenever you need 
it - and I am certainly no stranger to uncontrollable eating...You just have 
to be aware of what you are doing and using a medical device like the 
pump...you will be able to at least control your blood sugars...and that is a 
positive step!!!  THEN You can work on the eating part!

Consider your butt kicked...and then here's a nice big hug from all of us!!!

Queen butt kicker (can someone kick mine back to the gym?  I have been a 
slacker for 3 days!!!)
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