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Re: [IP] Re: Going live

> That's when she told me they could
>get in big trouble, giving me a medical device without training.
>One thing I won't intentionally tell you to do:  Anything illegal, immoral,
>or dangerous.  I'll tell you what I did, and the reprucussions (good and
>bad) of doing them.

	Jeff, it certainly not illegal to use something you purchased and
own (maybe the company could get into trouble, I don't know, but THEY sold
it to you), its also certainly not immoral, and once you figure out what
all the buttons do, it's really no more dangerous (probably less so) than
trying to regulated your BG with long acting insulin and multiple
	But I am curious about  all those immoral, illegal, and dangerous
things you do that you won't tell us about :-)

* Wayne *

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