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[IP] Karyn-pp bg spikes & sara's Rocket ride

KarynF wrote:

> Does anyone know of a way to fix post breakfast spikes?  
> For instance:           fasting bg    108
> 2 hrs after eating          198
> 3 hrs after eating          114

Looks fine to me.  It looks ot me like you are using Velosulin, so you have 
to remember it does not reach its peak efficiency in some people (ME for 
instance), for as long as three hours 

> What am I doing wrong?  

nothing.  Refrain from testing 2 hours after meal and only test 2.5 - 2.75 
hours after meal and you will be right on track.  If you really think you 
need to be 114 exactly 2 hours after your meal, switch to Humalog.  Be wary 
of treating that 2 hour high with more insulin - you may cause a yukky crash

And for everyone who thinks I am an old fuddy duddy stuck in my old fashion 
Velosulin ways....in the interest of science I tried a mix last week (well, 
ok, i was in too much of a hurry to go get a new bottle of Velosulin out of 
the fridge, wait for it to warm up and THEN fill up the reservoir, so I just 
used about 80 units that was left in old bottle and filled up the rest (100 
units) with Rocket fuel from one of those pen cartridges i keep in my kit for 

Whooooooo boy!! this stuff is AMAZING!!!!!!..I lowered all my basals and used 
the ratio of 1:20 for insulin to carbs...woke up betweeen 91 and 99 FOUR days 
in a row...instead of my usual 115-125...used about 10 units less per day 
overall.  Had post prandials in that gloriously ellusive "perfect" range... I 
did have a few post prandial  60/70s bgs which I try to avoid like the 
plague, and pre bed (130am) was usually in the 90s so I  HAD to eat something 
before I crawled in bed...thpugh the way I do things, I had already gone up 
the ladder before i checked, so i had to go back to eat unless I wanted a 
yummy snack of lemon dex tabs...

Problem 1.  I went low during my workouts, DESPITE a drastic reduction in 
basal 2-3 hours preworkout.  During this "trial" I turned myself OFF til I 
got home.  I was subsequently alot higher than I would have been if i had 
suspended using Velosulin...say instead of the 130-150 range, I was in the 
160-190 range, this I could understand...when H is gone, it is GONE.

Problem 2.  I bolusd for a normal dinner using my revised ratio...tortillas 
with some cheese, tomato soup.  2 hours after I was 44!...i know normally 3 
hours after this meal I will be in a good range, but will need a temp basal 
for about 2 hours to take care of the cheese...If i had waited 3 hours to 
check I would have been dead!  and I never did need that temp basal for the 
cheese...I stayed sub 100 til I went to bed...then had to crawl down the 
ladder again for some crackers and juice to get myself to a range i consider 
ok to sleep

Problem 3.  I had no problem 3.  The site lasted 5 days...I took it out 
yesterday when I was 345 after being 88 2 hours before..but then once I had 
changed it all out thinking I was having typical reported Humalog problems, I 
threw up...so maybe those eggs I ate were a little off.  When I changed, i 
used all V, so the study will have to be picked up again next week.

So I tried it and I liked it - FLY ME TO THE MOON BAY-BEEE...but I htink i 
will wait til vacation (5 DAYS TIL FREEDOM) to give it any serious 

On the negative side, my eye did bleed yesterday, probably as a result of 
being so strictly controlled and in the low range more than I should have 
been.  Oh well...how much more vitreous could there be clinging to my retina 
for gods sake???  They keep saying "no new growth no new growth"...so that is 
good news...

Sara  *-)=B xoxx~~~~~~~[507]   long tubing this week
whose workouts, by the way and in case any one is still interested, are down 
to $6.36!  Remember when they were $125 each!!  
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