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Re: [IP] Re: Going live

So I'm famous?  I'm used to having the 'im' in front of that....

I don't want to tell you to do anything that may harm you.  I'll just tell
my story.  Like everything I type (or say), your mileage may vary.  The
Pumping Insuling Book seems to be the textbook for the educators (read what
you want into that, wink wink)  I purchased the book at my training, and it
proved to be a very good review.  After going to the educator, I received a
call from my doctor's office, and boy were they worried.  I guess my
educator told them about possible infections, and they wanted to see me
ASAP.  The head nurse (I'm not sure what she is, but everyone seems to
respect her, as do I) looked at the sites, scolded me, and then sent me on
my way, asking for my aforementioned information (the bg's, what I ate, and
insulin dosages, hence the spreadsheet).  That's when she told me they could
get in big trouble, giving me a medical device without training.

My doctor and she both smiled when he "yelled" at me at my next Dr.
appointment.  Like I've said before, attitude is everything.  If you have a
go-getter attitude, anything is possible (I think this a truism in life, not
just diabetes), and that gets you out of a lot of trouble.  It works for me.

One thing I won't intentionally tell you to do:  Anything illegal, immoral,
or dangerous.  I'll tell you what I did, and the reprucussions (good and
bad) of doing them.


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