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[IP] Bolus formula

Hello all-

I enjoy the postings here very much; they have helped me adjust
greatly.  (Although that WD-40 tip seems a bit scary.) Yikes!

I use a formula to calculate my boluses at meals.  In order to use this
formula, you have to know how much 1 unit of insulin lowers your BG (in
my case, 85 points), and you have to know how much 1 unit of insulin to
take per gram of CHO (in my case, 15 grams  -- I know that this number
changes hourly for some folks, but you can change that ratio accordingly
with this formula.) Also, you have to include your target BG reading.
(Mine is 115.):

(current BG reading - 115) / 85 + (CHO about to be eaten /15)

Since I am so new to pumping, and diabetes in general, I have no clue if
people use something like this already.

I was dx'd last year at 19, and now I am thinking of changing my major
to something along the lines of nutritional chemistry.  (How DO they
calculate how many CHO's are in that creamed corn? Ha!)  Is anyone here
in this field of work?  I have some questions...

One more thing, have the web masters of this site considered moving the
mailing list onto a web board?  I know that this list has been churning
out e-mail for a long, long time, but the web board format might make it
a little easier to read about all the topics in a more ordered pattern.
(i.e. "subject threads")

You guys are all such an encouragement. Thank you.

Brian Rhodes.

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