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Re: [IP] question about changing sites(dis)

At 8:16 PM -0400 5/2/99, email @ redacted wrote:
>I've had my dis pump now about a week.  My trainer told me to change my
>cannula every 3 days and change my cannula and tubing every other time I
>change the site.  Is this what others do?

This is what I do, but, as Ted said, people need/tend to do what works for
them. The Comforts/Tenders/Sils should (ask for them) come in a box with an
equal number of cannula w/ and w/o tubing.

>   Disetronic did not send me
>packages of only cannulas.    And do I need to get prescriptions from my
>doctor for each supply I need and then call Disetronic with order?  and then
>I guess Disetronic deals with the insurance part of it?...   (I have Federal
>Blue Cross--I guess it varies with different insurances.)

Call Disetronic and tell them who your insurance company is and that you
want to set up an account to order supplies. Your doctor can fax them a
prescription and then it's on file and you won't need another (unless you
need different supplies or something). Let Dis. deal with the insurance
stuff. :-)

>     I'm doing
>basically well with the pump and when I'm not, I usually know why not.   I do
>love the flexibility in my everyday life now!!!

I think that is the greatest thing about the pump, it makes one's life so
much *easier*. Enjoy! :-)


(Type I, 26 years, D. pumper since 10/95)
email @ redacted

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