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[IP] Things I wish I had known...

I REALLY wish I had known that it is NOT a good idea to do a site change
within 2 hours (or more) of being in a hot tub!

 Here we were at a beautiful resort,celebrating Erica's pump progress,
and our first big problem came up.  Changed her site twice!!  Both times
the cannula immediately filled up with blood.  Like sucking pop through
a straw.  PANIC!  One more infusion set left (thank God I took 3), two
hours from home, and if the third one didn't work we would be hitting
the highway or doing multiple injections for the night.  The endo
suggested we wait until 6 hrs after the hot tub, just to be cautious.
Phew...it worked.

Thank heavens for an endo who returned my call, and promptly gave me the
phone number of her cottage and told me to call anytime.  I needed that
support so I  could sleep at night.

Has anyone else had this problem????  How did you handle it??

Barb...Erica's mom :-)

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