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Re: [IP] Re: Going live

Bev, you'd be surprised how many pumpers have had the same experience with
excessive delays in getting their "team" to respond, and then end up going
live on their own.  There are dozens on this list, though many are still in
the closet about this.  Anyway, if you can read and have been managing
diabetes for years, then there is little to be scared of.  You already know
how to bolus, so the only thing is how to set the basal rate.  If you err
on the low side, you can always bolus to get  BGs down--I'm sure it won't
be the first time you had high BGs *S*.  Then work up to a normal rate.
	It's not recommended that people do this, because not everyone
feels secure enough in their own intelligence, and there is always some
possibility of error.   But the pump is yours--you bought it.  So there's
no law that says you cant use it.    If you want to makeeveryone happy,
just start using it youself, then let them "show you how" whenever they get
their act together.  Some very famous people on our list have done this.
"They"  will be very impressed at what a good learner you  are :-)

Contact me privately if you have any questions.

 <<<<<<<<<<I have made several phone calls to her and got her voice
mail.  She has returned none of my calls.  I happened to catch her once and
found out then that
she hadn't set anything up yet.
My doctor also lied to me about being approved by the insurance company,
and also sending the
letter to MiniMed.  I am very discouraged right now with my team.
  I am considering going live as planned and having
the follow up visit with the doctor on Wednesday.  I've read the book,
calculated the basal rate.  I know how to bolus for each meal.  I want to
get the show on the
road for many reasons.  Is there any reason why I should not do this on my
Your comments are most appreciated.
Bev W.>>>>>>>>>>>>

* Wayne *

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