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Re: [IP] Silhouette Insertion

email @ redacted wrote:

> I've been pumping a month now and before today had no problem with insertion.
>  I use the IV Prep, let it dry,  and then insert the sil.  The first time I
> pushed and pushed and the needle bent.  The second time the same exact thing
> happened.  The third time it went in but when I tried to remove the needle it
> wouldn't budge.  I checked and saw that it was bent and I had to remove the
> set.  I had been using the ab near my side so today I moved halfway to the
> belly button.  I am wondering whether it is the IV Prep that is making my
> skin so hard.  Why can't I use alcohol alone?   Thanks for your help.  Ronee

Why use ANY alcohol? It doesn't actually sterilize as we use it, it's just an aid
to getting
surface dirt off the skin. It also dries ou the skin, which makes it tend to
crack and THEN
get infected. All you need to do is shower or bathe regularly and your skin will
be at least
as serile as it is when using rubbing alcohol. I haven't used rubbing alcohol for
at least 10 years,
and have had NO infections.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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