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Re: [IP] question about changing sites(dis)

email @ redacted wrote:

> I've had my dis pump now about a week.  My trainer told me to change my
> cannula every 3 days and change my cannula and tubing every other time I
> change the site.  Is this what others do?

Depends on what variety of infusion sets you use. I use Comforts, which are the
thing as Diestronics Tenders or MiniMed Silhouettes, which sounds like what you

Practices vary, and need to be checked for YOUR needs. For instance I usually use
single canula for 6 days at a time, if it doesn't get irritated for some reason.
Three days per
refill: after the first batch runs out I just disconnect bothe neds of the hose,
refill the
syringe (MiniMed, you use cartridges in a Disetronics), reconnect the hose to the

pump, check that it is dispensing insulin with a prime, then reconnect to the

The box that the Tenders come in is split into 2 halves. The top half has ONLY
canulas in
it, the bottom half has whole units, with boh canul and hose included. At least
they do
IF you get the sets that are done that way, they also sell them with 10 total
sets and NO
"canula only" units. Look at the box, if it has 2 punch out strips it's what I;m
used to, if not,
it's 10 complete sets.

> Disetronic did not send me
> packages of only cannulas.

It's not a separate package, see above.

> And do I need to get prescriptions from my
> doctor for each supply I need and then call Disetronic with order?

Your prescription should let you buy a given number of sets per order, depending
on how your
insurance company rules allow. A prescription is generally good for a year, and
should allow
enough refills to get you through the year.

Ted Quick
email @ redacted

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