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Re: [IP] Re: Going live

Hi Bev,

Yes, it was me who did this.

But first, this warning:  I was told by by doctor that what I did was
illegal.  Something about using medical equipment without training.  I'm not
sure if this was meant to scare me (it didn't), but in full disclosure, I'm
telling you.

Secondly, the basal rates that were set for me came directly from the
Pumping Insulin book, p.50.  I didn't know about the Silhouette sets.  I
thought the big, honkin' needle stayed in me.  It doesn't.  I checked my
blood sugar 6-8 times per day (now 5-7x), once before each meal, two hours
after, bed time, and 3am.  Chart them (see my shameless plug at the bottom
of the screen). Do that and you're 90% there.  The last 10% is the expertise
the educator brings.

Again, not to sound like a public service announcement some druggie athlete
says after he's been caught, if you can wait, do.


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