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[IP] Re: Going live

Hi all,

I will be getting my pump on Tuesday, and have training on Saturday.  I was supposed to go live 
on Monday, May 10.  This has supposedly been changed to June, but I wouldn't have known this if 
I hadn't called the nurse educator.  I have made several phone calls to her and got her voice 
mail.  She has returned none of my calls.  I happened to catch her once and found out then that 
she hadn't set anything up yet.

My doctor also lied to me about being approved by the insurance company, and also sending the 
letter to MiniMed.  I am very discouraged right now with my team.  

Anyway, I have arranged to take time off of work to go on the pump.  I set up a bunch of 
appointments for those days, to minimize any time taken from my job.  One of the appointments is 
on Wednesday with my doctor as follow up to ensure the pump is working okay.  I believe it was 
Jeff who alluded to going "live" on his own.  I am considering going live as planned and having 
the follow up visit with the doctor on Wednesday.  I've read the book, INSULIN PUMPERS  and have 
calculated the basal rate.  I know how to bolus for each meal.  I want to get the show on the 
road for many reasons.  Is there any reason why I should not do this on my own?  

Your comments are most appreciated.

Bev W.

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