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Re: [IP] Is Diabetes a disability?

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<< Any info on ADA and disability would be greatly appreciated.  I never knew 
 such things existed. >>

The ADA, Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 has multiple parts to it.  
One part is the "push" behind making buildings accessible to physically 
challenged individuals (handicapped) and why everywhere you go you see the 
wonderful ramps.  It is why people in wheelchairs can now ride busses, go to 
any church, etc.

The other part of this act protects those with handicaps who work at a place 
that has 15 or more employees.  It says that the employer cannot discriminate 
against a qualified employee when hiring or firing or in any other way while 
they are an employee.  The company must provide reasonable accommodations for 
the handicapped individual.  Reasonable accommodations include making changes 
so that a qualified employee with a disability has rights and privileges 
equal to those of employees without disabilities.  

Changes may mean making the building more accessible, restructuring a job; 
modifying work schedules; acquiring or modifying equipment.  It may include 
giving the person a different job if they are unable to do the current job 
because of a disability.

There are other state and local laws that protect disabled individuals as 
well as the EEOC.  These may provide for broader coverage of disabilities. 

Check out the web site that VOODOO82c provided for more information.

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