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Re: [IP] DUI and diabetes

At 06:51 PM 5/2/1999  email @ redacted wrote:
 >In a message dated 99-05-02 21:38:19 EDT, you write:
 ><< I am waiting to see the person who commits murder claim that diabetes
 >caused temporary insanity, though I imagine it could happen. >>
 >It has. Conviction. The jury didn't buy the low BG story.

I realize that each person is different, but I can't see creating mayhem 
when my BG's are low... except for pushing everyone out of the way as I 
crawl to the fridge. :-)

Under these circumstances I don't have the energy or inclination to do 
anything but try to find something to make me feel better (i.e. get food). 
Doing something violent would only make things worse. Sounds like just an 
excuse to me.

My 10 cents worth

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